Acetic Acid

SteroglassTM Kit 70-9502-13K

This reagent kit is for the determination of Acetic Acid in wine using the rAPID-T™ analyzer. The range of the method is 0.1 to 1.0 g/L. Dilute samples above this range. For specific information regarding reagent composition, precautions and performance, please refer to the manufacturer insert located inside the kit.

Summary of Method

Acetic acid (acetate) is converted into acetyl-coenzyme A by the enzyme Acetyl-CoA-synthetase (ACS). Acetyl-coenzyme A reacts with oxaloacetate in the presence of Citrate Synthase (CS), to give citrate. Oxaloacetate necessary for the reaction is produced by malic acid and NAD+ in the presence of enzyme Malate Dehydrogenase (MDH). Absorbance increase at 340 nm, due to NADH formation, is proportional to concentration of acetic acid present in the sample, and can be measured photometrically. Blank readings in the method eliminate interference from colored wine samples.


Instrument Reference Range(s)
Astoria Analyzer  N/A  
Astoria-2  N/A  
rAPID-T 70-9502-13K 0.1 to 1.0 g/l