Ammonia in Wine

Ammonia is a widely occurring natural compound, often produced as a consequence of microbial protein catabolism, and thus serves as a quality indicator of fruit juice, milk, cheese, meat, seafood and bakery products. Unlike some other kits, this kit benefits from the use of a glutamate dehydrogenase that is not inhibited by tannins found in, for example, grape juice and wine. K-AMIAR can be used to determine ammonia manually, in auto-analyser format, or in microplate format. In the wine industry, ammonia determination is important in the calculation of yeast available nitrogen (YAN). 

System Method # Range(s)
Flow System N/A  
Astoria 2 N/A  
rAPID-T D029 (MegazymeTM)  0-100 ppm
  70-9504-13K (SteroglassTM)  10-100 mg/l