The most versatile segmented flow system

The modular Astoria Analyzer series consists of several modules which can be configured for a range of tests. Modules include:

  • 411-L sampler
  • 411-S sampler
  • 311 sampler (discontinued)
  • 302D multi-channel peristaltic pump
  • 303 cartridge base
  • 307 modular detector
  • Dilutus auto-diluter

411-L and 411-S samplers

These new samplers have been engineered from scratch using the latest advances in motion control and microprocessors to provide a sampler specifically for the Astoria Analyzer line. They feature robust mechanics and a clean, modern look.

Both samplers use 60 place or 90 place racks which can hold standard cups and test tubes. The 60 place rack can hold 4ml sample cups or 16mm test tubes. The 90 place rack can accommodate 2ml sample cups or 12mm test tubes. The standards racks can take 16mm test tubes or can be shimmed to hold 4ml sample cups.

The 411-S takes a single sample rack and a 12 place standards rack giving a maximum capacity of 102 samples, the FASPac 2 software allows continuous loading of up to 1200 samples per run. It has a stationary wash reservoir with its own wash pump that is controlled independently of the main system pump. The 411-S uses high speed motors to move the probe quickly from sample to wash and incorporates a timing function to make sure that the inter-sample bubble is consistent in size.

The 411-L can handle 3 sample racks of either 60 or 90 places plus a 24 place standards rack for a total capacity of up to 294 samples. Of course, the FASPac 2 software allows you to load additional racks during a run for a total of up to 1200 samples in a single run. The 411-L uses our new travelling wash which was designed using 3D printing technology to achieve fluidic properties not previously attainable. The sampler incorporates two wash/waste pumps dedicated to the probe wash function, these pumps are controlled independently of the main system pump through the FASPac 2 software.

302D Peristaltic Pump


The 302D is a peristaltic pump with 36 pump tube positions, with an option to upgrade it to 42 pump tube positions. This pump can be computer controlled, allowing the operator to adjust pump speed as well as making use of some of the timed-events features of FASPac 2.

303 Cartridge Base

The 303A module is the base for your analytical cartridges. The 303A can be fitted with heat bath controllers that have easy-to-use touch-button controls for methods that require reactions to occur at above room temperature.

307 Modular Detector 

The 307 Detector has been designed with versatility in mind. Its compact frame can house any combination of up to four photometric and/or fluorometric detectors. With the FASPac 2, data acquisition software, the operator can run two 307 modules together, thereby allowing an option for additional channels (up to 6). The operator has access to one analog input port for a peripheral detector (i.e. UV, Flame or analog 321 Fluorometer).

The 307 Detector can be configured to be a single or multiple-channel detection system, making it easy to upgrade existing systems in the field. A number of industries will also benefit from the 307’s compact design; for instance, Oceanographic laboratories (Estuary labs especially) can choose a selection of Astoria-Pacific Fluorometric tests that eliminate refractive index issues. Meanwhile, food production facilities will be able to purchase an inexpensive system for vitamin analysis, which can be considerably faster than HPLC.

Dilutus Auto-diluter

The optional 412 Diluter Module is an optional unit designed to run with with 411 XYZ Samplers. Samples with concentrations above the calibration range can be re-run with user-defined parameters. The operator can have the 412 create standards/calibrants on-line with the assistance of the CALIBRATION WIZARD feature in FASPac 2.